Been MIA but ….

I’m back and have lots to blog about! Life got busy but adventures never ended. Can’t wait to share with you all! Here’s a picture of my latest trip, Lake Tahoe.    

Last stop before we head home…Napa!

 The most perfect views in Napa!   Auberge du soleil­čĺľ

Back in San Fransico 

This view never gets old!! We are enjoying our lovely Memorial Day weekend in this beautiful city!       

Our journey into the beautiful Sahara!

We have all heard about the Sahara desert once or twice in our life, the largest hot desert in the world that spread amongst 10 different countries. Sleeping under the beautiful sky and… Continue reading

Coming soon,  a post on my trip to Morocco! 

Here’s a little teaser ­čśŐ   


One of my favorite places so far has been Bali, Indonesia without a doubt. It is a place filled with so much love and spirituality that is sure to brighten up your day,… Continue reading

Maldives – True Heaven┬á

One of my┬áfavorite vacations was a true paradise. An island where the only offering is complete relaxation. How can you ever go wrong? Far away from the real world, no worries, just sunshine… Continue reading

Deep in thought 

Living in Oregon I have so many amazing trails to hike to. One of my go to things to do on the weekend is explore a new place within my backyard. I find… Continue reading

One day soon

I’m dying to visit Santorini. Every picture I see is more fascinating and beautiful than the one before. I wish I could make this trip this summer, maybe I will hit the jackpot!… Continue reading

Such vivid colors!

Cinque Terre´╗┐, Italy.  ´╗┐